risengrødIn Danish folklore Risengrød, which is a Danish rice pudding, should be left in the attic for the Christmas elves to keep them happy so they won’t steal your things or other hijinks. It’s a very simple dessert by itself as well as providing the base for the more luxe Ris ala Mande which is Risengrød with whipped cream, almonds and cherry sauce.


Serves 4-6

2 dl of pudding rice (they’re shortgrained and white)

8 dl of milk

2 dl of water

1 tsp of vanilla sugar

½ tsp of salt

Sugar, cinnamon and butter

  1. Pour milk, water, rice, salt and vanilla into a pot and set it over low to medium heat. It should stand there and cook for about 30 minutes, never boiling, until the liquid has reduced and the rice is cooked into a creamy consistency. Stir once in a while during these 30 minutes to keep the rice from sticking to the bottom or lumps.
  2. Traditionally served warm, topped with sugar, cinnamon and a bit of butter.


  1. huntfortheverybest

    i love this kind of rice pudding. it looks so good!

  2. Claud

    This looks so good! Can’t wait to try this.

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