Apple season

Apple mushAfter moving back to Denmark the biggest food difference is the abundance of fruit available here. In particular apples. I’ve always been very disappointed by apples in Japan, that despite looking delicious somehow often end up floury rather than crisp and crunchy. Furthermore buying an apple in Japan for the price that they run for means that it’s a shame (as well as expensive) to do anything other with it than to eat it raw I feel. Here in Denmark however there are apples falling down in everywhere in people’s gardens, parks and forest areas. Sometimes even on the sides of surburban streets. So while I was craving apples in Japan, I now have too many darn apples. A luxury that means I can cook with them.

This here illustrates an attempt at making jam. It ended up just being apple mush which worked fine for what I needed it for but since apples are more or less free or very cheap at this time of year I’m not too worried.

On another note, I currently live in my parents home and therefore have the luxury of a house with many windows so I spent about 20 minutes running around moving my little table to find good light. My one room mansion in Japan had one window, from which I had a very nice soft indirect light coming in from the side in the morning and afternoon which made setup very easy. These were the times to shoot and that was the place.Here however there are windows on all four sides, throwing in light from all kinds of places suddenly giving me a whole lot of choice. It’s definately a luxury, but one I’ll have to learn to master.


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