Melon cream soda

Melon cream sodaAnd so my one-year stay in Japan comes to an end and I will return to Denmark. The past year has been full of culinary experiences ranging from delicious to hmm… not so much. In any case I’ll share one last Japan post on something as silly as a soft drink.

First of all I’ve never been much of a soda drinker both because I know it’s unhealthy but also because I don’t really enjoy the taste of the sodas found in Denmark. The usual suspects of Coca cola, pepsi, sprite and orange fanta. But then I came to Japan and was literally bombarded with blinking vending machines beckoning me to try all the sodas available. So I did.

I have tried everything from calpis to so-called cider. Calpis, by the way, is very popular in Japan and can be described as sugary carbonated milk. I’m not a fan but I had to try. Japanese cider on the other hand tastes like sprite, which is fine, but disappointing when you expect something similar to cider found in Europe, even if it’s just the sugary canned type.

Out of all these sodas, my favourite by far has become the melon cream soda. Melon soda, I believe, is only found in Japan and does indeed taste like melon, albeit a very distinct articial melon taste as expected from a soda. Melon cream soda is melon soda with a slight vanilla ice creamy taste. Sounds disgusting but I can assure you it’s not. So if you find yourself in Japan, don’t just drink your usual favourite soda, try different ones out. And I do recommend the melon cream if you find it.


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