SushiboxI was recently taken to a real sushi restaurant, the kind where you sit in front of the chef and eat whatever is put in front of you. I’ve never felt much like a sushi connoisseur and although I enjoy it, I’ve always wondered if I could the difference between great and good sushi. Turns out there is a difference and that it is huge.

This place, which was in my Japanese hometown of Okazaki, only seated around 6 people at the counter and an additional 4 people in a room with dinner prices running up to 10.000 yen. I however went on a weekday at lunchtime which meant that we were alone in the restaurant and that the price was only 1000 yen for about 7 nigiri as well as a small dessert. Quite cheap, especially for such a wonderful sushi lunch.

The meal started out with the chef asking us if we had anything we definately did not want to eat and then he quickly proceeded to serve us nigiri from behind the counter, one at a time. Amongst the nigiri we had the best one was a lightly seared scallop. It was not only the best during that lunch but the best nigiri I’ve ever had.

At the end of the meal the chef found out that I was in fact leaving Japan and returning to Denmark the next day, making this lunch the last one in Japan for a while, and he decided to give me a small present. Which is the sushi box seen on the picture. It’s only about the size of a matchbox and consists of carefully made nigiris which only had 2 or 3 grains of rice each.

Unfortunately it was made with real food which meant that it couldn’t be saved as a souvenir, but at least I took pictures before devouring it.


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