shirakawagoJapan does very a good job on promoting domestic tourism and it seems like every town and village prides themself of having something or other. Shirakawago for example is a very small village in a mountainous area in Japan. A village that despite its size and relatively remote location enjoys a healthy amount of tourism. Being a world heritage site of course helps tremendously. This village is known for preserving many gassho-zukuri farmhouses which have characteristic steep thatched roofs that makes it easier to deal with the heavy snowfall that this area receives in winter. Steep roofs mean that snow can simply be pushed down from the roof.

On the culinary side, I believe the area is still very much a farm area, evidenced by patches of very beautiful and idyllic rice fields. Asides from rice they also take great pride in their beef, the so-called Hida beef, which was indeed delicous. I did however not see any live cows on my trip there.

The cookie on the left is a typical Japanese souvenir good usually sold in attractive boxes which has a design that shows people where it was bought.


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