Hiyashi ramen

Hiyashi ramenThough summer is gradually ending it is still quite hot so I get a lazy in the summer heat and try either not to cook or at least eat something that’s not too hot. Since eating ice cream for breakfast lunch and dinner is out of the question for all sorts of health reasons, I made Hiyashi ramen (ramen served cool). Here is my recipe:

Hiyashi ramen

Serves 2

260 g fresh ramen

1 Japanese cucumber (Japanese cucumbers are small, but otherwise tastes just like other cucumbers)

10-12 small imitation crab sticks

1/4 carrot

2 eggs


1 tbsp vinegar

3 tbsp soy

2 tbsp sugar

4 tbsp water

1/2 tbsp of roasted sesame seeds

  1. Prepare ramen according to packet instructions.
  2. Warm the crab sticks, either by boiling them lightly or microwaving, then slice them. Slice the carrots and cucumbers as well.
  3. Beat the eggs thoroughly and pour half of it into a hot oiled pan. Slide the mixture around the pan to create a nice thin crepe and flip it once the top is set (no longer fluid). Then fry for another couple of seconds before taking it out. There should be enough egg mixture to make to crepes in a decent sized pan. Leave to cool, then slice it in strips.
  4. Mix the dressing together and taste it while you’re doing it. It’s supposed to be a bit sweet and sour, but exactly how sweet and sour depends on your palate. Leave some roasted sesame seeds to sprinkle over when you serve.
  5. Serve by pouring some dressing over the ramen and mix. Then top the ramen with cucumbers, carrots, eggs and crab sticks and pour some more dressing over it. Sprinkle with some sesame seeds and enjoy a cool meal.

One comment

  1. I love this kind of food in the summer! Instead of using ramen I do somen noodles instead.

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