Pocky opened PockyAs far as snacks go in Japan, Pocky is quite iconic with its packaging, character endorsements and commercials, which was how I was first introduced to it. Japanese commercials have a reputation for being weird and sure enough looking for videos of Japanese commercials became my gateway to Pocky.

Pocky is simply a thin breadstick covered in chocolate, which neither sounds like much nor is particularly exciting but still it’s quite popular and something that I associate with Japan. So I went out recently to see how many types of Pocky there were out on sale at the moment and snapped some pictures.

As you can see in the picture below there are 7 types of Pocky available and out of those, 1 character endorsement. (Actually there were more character endorsements, but those were just normal Pocky with different packagings so I did not buy those). From top left to bottom right, here is a rundown of the current Pocky flavors.

Rare cheesecake – A rare cheesecake is what Japan calls a non-baked cheesecake. The taste was lemony and in fact a bit similar to koldskaal, so not unpleasant at all. The smell however was very off-putting as it smelt like milk gone bad.

Pocky panda – May or may not be a character endorsement as I’m not familiar with that panda. Cocoa breadstick covered in white chocolate with a bit of chocolate crunch in it.

Strawberry pocky – This was on sale, so I suspect it might have been a seasonal flavor. Smelled and tasted like white chocolate flavored with very good synthetic strawberry taste.

Tropical pocky – This was strange. Very strong smell of a tropical pineapple based drink. It’s a lovely smell, just unexpected. And then I ate it and tasted exactly like it smelled, tropical and fruity, not necessarily unpleasant but certainly surprising.

Peach pocky – A kobito dukan character endorsement. Smelled very nice and the taste was very mild, not particularly peachy but certainly fruity.

Pocky – normal milk chocolate.

Adult milk chocolate – I was most sceptic about this one based on that odd-sounding name, but it turned out to be the best of the bunch. It was similar to the standard pocky but had more of a caramel taste and more importantly the breadstick was different in texture. It was a bit a flakier and crunchier which I think made this pocky better than the standard one.


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