Breaded fish filet

Fish filetI recently had a visit from Denmark and they were kind enough to bring me some Danish ryebread. Which although a staple in the Danish kitchen, quite difficult to find outside of Denmark, or at least outside of nothern Europe. Needless to say it’s completely impossible to find in Japan, despite the surprising number of Danish bakeries here. In Nagoya station alone, I’ve spotted 4 different Danish bakeries so far, one of those actually being a chain found in Denmark as well. Unfortunately the bread there has been altered to suit Japanese tastes, so no rye bread.

So armed with ryebread, I tried to figure what would complement it best. A breaded fried fish fillet… For what ever reason I usually always eat fish like this with rye bread rather than rice or potatoes.

Breaded fish filet

Serves one person

1 fish filet (White fish of some kind, e.g. cod, flatfish)

1 egg

2 tbsp flour

1/2 tsp salt

1/2 tsp crushed pepper

Panko (breadcrumbs)

2 slices of rye bread

Plenty of butter for frying

  1. You need three deep plates for the breading process. Crack the egg and beat it in one plate. Mix flour, salt and pepper in another and lastly have the breadcrumbs ready in the plate.
  2. Pad and cover you fish filet in the flour mix. Then move it over to the egg mixture. Lastly cover your filet in breadcrumbs. If you want to make sure to have a good crispy shell on the fish, put it back in the egg mixture and then bread it again.
  3. In a pan melt a decent amount of butter and fry the rye bread on medium-high heat for about 1-2 minutes on both sides. Remove and let the slices drip off on some paper towel.
  4. On medium heat fry your fish filet in a generous amount of butter (Not a diet-friendly dish this one) until it’s golden on both sides. Once finished let it drip it a bit on a paper towel.
  5. Serve with mayo and a wedge of lemon.

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