Happy summer

watermelonIn Japan it’s apparently customary to send cards out during summer to say it’s really hot here, hope you’re coping. So because of that I’ve been seeing a fair number of keeping cool themed greeting cards in stores. Most of them have pictures of penguins, polar bears, hats, sunflowers and food related: watermelons!

On a photographic side note I have found myself shooting portrait more often that landscape or usually finding the portrait shot to be the better one. E.g. these two pictures have the exact same layout but the portrait shot just frames the subject better I think. There’s less unnecessary table in the shot and more importantly, there’s depth. With landscape I often find it harder to crop the shot, which means that I end up with a picture where everything is more or less shown but on the other hand end up with empty spaces in the picture, which is something that can be worked out with some styling. If I had more popsicles (unfortunately I ate one before shooting, thinking that I didn’t need that many popsicles) I would probably have put another one on the left side in the empty space between the green and red one.

In any case, here’s is my “hope you’re coping with the heat” card featuring watermelon popsicles.

watermelon 2


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