KoldskaalIn my former workplace I remember that during the summer when most people were on holiday, enjoying the nice weather and/or being with their kids, the canteen spoiled the rest of us with desserts every day. I particularly remember the koldskål (literal translation: cold bowl) they served, which is a dessert soup made of buttermilk. The description of it does look odd on paper but I can assure you it’s good and depending on how many biscuits you eat with it, fairly healthy. Koldskål more or less spells out Danish summer and are either often made either plain with lemon flavor or with summer fruits such as strawberries or rhubarb.

The heat in Japan at the moment has reached Danish summer heights, which is a perfect excuse to make a plain lemon flavored koldskål. Also since I either can’t find (or read the Japanese labels) I did not use buttermilk for this recipe, which means that it should be easy to make with ingredients that are fairly at hand.


Serves about 2-3 people

5 dl milk

400 g natural yoghurt

1 egg

1 small lemon

2 tsp sugar

a couple of drops of vanilla essence

  1. First make the buttermilk substitute by mixing milk and natural yoghurt together until there are no lumps.
  2. In a separate bowl, beat the egg and sugar until smooth. Add vanilla essence and the juice and zest of the lemon.
  3. Then combine the egg mixture and the buttermilk substitute.
  4. Serve cold and topped with crumbled biscuits. In Denmark koldskål is eaten with a sweet biscuit called kammerjunke which can be described as a dry crumbly biscuit that absorbs moisture quite well. So find some biscuits that have that quality, if you’re in Japan there’s something called a rare cookie (used for the crusts of rare cheesecakes) which is similar to a kammerjunke.


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  2. hello! and thank you for this lovely entry into this month’s our growing edge. I’ve got it up in my round-up here.

    ok, this looks fantastic. it looks like it’ll taste a little like cereal milk, which is my favourite thing ever. I’ve got some stroopwafels on hand that I think might work very well crumbled into the soup..

    • sayhellohellome

      Hi! Thank you for including me 🙂 And I’m sure stroopwaffels will work, even though I haven’t tried it with that.

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