Tuna Rice Salad

Tuna rice saladThis is one of the first dishes I remember learning how to cook. In Denmark most kids at the age of around 11-12 take a course in basic cooking and homemaking to prepare for moving out I suppose. In any case the dishes and basic cooking techniques that I learned there has stayed with me till this day.

This tuna rice salad is a very easy, tasty and rather comforting dish that actually works best as a light everyday main, rather than a side dish.

Tuna Rice Salad

Serves about 4 people

300 g of cooked (and cooled) rice

1 can of tuna

1 stalk of celery

100 g of cherry tomatoes

1 avocado (small)

50 g of edamame beans (or sweet peas)

50 g of sweet corn

2 hard boiled eggs

Lemon juice, salt and pepper

  1. Drain the can of tuna and mix with the rice.
  2. Prep the vegetables and eggs. Dice the celery stalk, avocado and quarter the cherry tomatoes. Defrost sweet corn and edamame beans under hot water (if you’re like me and use frozen goods). Cut the eggs into 6 pieces.
  3. Mix everything together and taste with lemon juice, salt and pepper. I used about a tablespoon of lemon juice and 1 teaspoon of salt and pepper, but please trust your own tastebuds over mine.


  1. Love it! Thanks for recipe šŸ™‚

  2. Looks so fresh and colorful! Thanks for the recipe!

  3. This sounds so light and refreshing, thanks for the great recipe!

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