ChawanmushiChawanmushi was one of those things I learned to eat because the first time I ate it there was a moment of: “Ugh!” as the texture of chawanmushi is slightly odd if you’re not used to it. But now it’s something I make if I have a bottle of dashi stock in my fridge and want something hot and quickly as it only takes about 5-15 minutes to prepare and cook. Although I have to admit it does not always work. Sometimes I get a nice velvety texture, sometimes just a soup with egg, in either case the taste is usually fine.

Goes to show that sometimes you need to give food a second chance they might become favorites over time. Except natto and durian, I will not give those a second chance simply because their odors are terrible and off-putting.


1 egg

dashi stock

soy sauce

chawanmushi cup (actually any cup will do as long as there is a lid)

+ whatever you would like to put in it

  1. Crack egg into the cup and give it a quick beating with chopsticks or fork.
  2. Pour dashi stock until the cup is filled and whisk the egg and dashistock. This means that you should not fill it to the brim.
  3. Add whatever else you want in it, e.g. shrimp, bits of meat or vegetables.
  4. Place the cup, with a lid on, in a pot of water (about 2-5 cm of water) and set it to boil with a lid. About 7-10 minutes later you have chawanmushi (or something that resembles).

If you don’t know how to make dashi, here is an excellent guide.



  1. For me, Chawanmushi was love at first bite. I love love love it. It is in my list of things to post too. Beautiful photo.

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