Ichigo daifuku

IMG_3418cSo after I made the rather unfortunate-looking ichigo daifuku last week, I was taught how to actually make ichigo daifuku at a class, where I found out about all the things I did wrong, such as using too big strawberries, not putting the anko in the fridge beforehand and completely failing to get the mochi texture right. So here’s a picture of a correct ichigo daifuku and a translation of the recipe that was given out at the class:

Ichigo daifuku

4 small strawberries (really! Small strawberries wil make life easier)

80 g anko (keep it in the fridge before you use it)

50 g shiratamoko

60 cc of water

30 g sugar


  1. Remove strawberry stems.
  2. Divide the anko into four equal bits and wrap it around the strawberry, leaving the pointy top of the strawberry slightly uncovered (this is just for looks purposes so that you know which way the strawberry is turning).
  3. Mix shiratamoko and sugar, then add water and blend it, making sure that there are no lumps. Microwave for about 3 minutes.
  4. Meanwhile generously drizzle cornstarch over a baking tray. Once you have finished microwaving, using spatulas (not hands, unless you want to burn yourself) to move the mochi from the bowl to the cornstarch baking tray.
  5. Cut the mochi into four equal parts and cover the mochi, when it’s cool enough take the mochi and stretch until it can roughly cover the anko-covered strawberry. Wrap the strawberry and you’re finished.

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