Ichigo daifuku evolution

Ichigo daifuku cross

Strawberry season in Japan to my big surprise stretches from around january till march rather than in the summer like Denmark. This means that strawberries are fairly affordable right now. I would generally not use the word cheap to describe fruit in Japan but at the present they’re certainly cheap(er). So I picked up a container and decided that this would be a perfect excuse to make ichigo daifuku, which is a strawberry wrapped in anko and mochi.

Cheating a little bit, I used readymade anko however I did make the mochi from scratch which was not entirely succesful. As you can see it had lumps in it and wasn’t particularly elastic which I discovered at my first attempt on the left there.

The taste was alright, but with 80 percent strawberry a lot had to go wrong to screw that up.


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