Creamy Satay Soup

Creamy Satay SoupCreamy Satay Soup no garnishThe difference between garnish and no garnish. The picture with no garnish was amongst the first couple that I shot where I tried to style the shot with some sort of cutlery, but being a soup (although containing rice) a spoon is basically the only utensil that would make sense sticking into the shot. The tablecloth also changed as I opted for a more simple and clean shot.

More importantly though I realised very quickly that this soup was sort of a yellowy blob, with a bit of orange and white which did not provide enough contrast. Luckily I had chopped spring onions in my fridge which more or less saved the shot because it provided me with contrast and a focus point. So thank you garnish!

The recipe I sort of followed can be found here.



  1. Very Nice! Thanks for linking up to my recipe. Yours looks great 🙂 Did you enjoy it? :

  2. sayhellohellome

    Yes, very much. I wish I could have made the baked tofu though, that looked really delicious, but no oven but a stop to that.

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