Green onion pancakes

Green onion pancakesI was recently asked what kind of food I liked to take pictures off. My answer was: Pretty food.

That is actually not necessarily true, however I will admit that taking pictures of cakes and pretty desserts is more interesting than pancakes, such as these. Pancakes, curries and stews are not amongst my favourite food motives simply because they’re difficult to work with. Pancakes are flat and therefore not giving a lot of angle-options. Curries and stews are usually one colored and just a blob of food more or less. So although delicious, requires more work for example propping to make it look inviting. However they are good challenges to improve composition skills.

The recipe can be found here.


  1. Thank you for the link! I love your photography works!!!!

  2. sayhellohellome

    You’re welcome! It was a really simple and tasty recipe, so I thought others might enjoy as well.

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