Green tea and vanilla mushipan

MushipanI’ve been looking at recipes for these mushipans for a while but always felt it was weird to steam cakes or bread. But the other night I was really craving cake so I shopped around for recipes and checking which ones would be fastest to get from flour to my mouth. The choice was down between dorayaki pancakes and mushipan, with mushipan taking the edge because it didn’t need a rest time after being mixed. All in all it took around 15-20 minutes to make the mix, steam the cakes and eat it.

Best of all I now have a very nice basic cake recipe that doesn’t require an oven and can probably take quite a lot of flavor experimentation. The next day for example I tried a vanilla and green tea mix which did not come through at all. The vanilla was there but other than the green coloring you wouldn’t have known that there was green tea involved in this cake. Lesson learned; use proper matcha powder rather than some weak o-cha.

The recipe I used was this one.


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