Yaki onigiri

Yaki onigiriWhat to do with a cold onigiri that has been in a fridge for two days and you have no microwave? Grill it! It will make not only make the rice tastier but more importantly heat it.

Yaki onigiri

To make yaki onigiri, you only need rice and soy sauce.

  1. Make the onigiri. I usually put some rice in plastic wrap and shape the onigiri in that as it keeps my hands rice free.
  2. Depending on whether you use rice from the fridge or at room temperature use either medium (to warm the rice through) or high heat. Lightly oil a pan and pop on the onigiri.
  3. Once all sides have been slightly browned, turn the heat to medium (if you were using high) and glaze the sides with a bit of soy sauce. Then brown all sides again, but not for too long because the soy sauce has a tendency to burn and you’re finished.

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