Instant noodle

Instant noodleHow come I never eat instant noodle in Denmark but all of the sudden I eat it quite often here in Japan? Especially for lunch. The cooking process of instant ramen hasn’t gotten easier, in fact it’s probably gotten harder. I had an electrical kettle in Denmark!

Out of all my eating habits, lunch has probably changed the most since moving to Japan. In Denmark I ate bread most of the time, it was quick, it was cheap, it was nourishing and delicious. However bread in Japan is quite the opposite. It’s expensive, not very nourishing (because it’s all white bread and therefore not necessarily that healthy) and while it can taste good, it’s all very soft and fluffy. I really miss a proper crust. So instead I eat ramen when in a hurry or if not at home, selfmade bentos which are mostly leftovers from last night (rice + side dish).


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