Ris a la mande

RisalamandeThis is a dish you will only find at christmas in Denmark because even though it’s delicious and even though you can cook at any time of the year, it is associated to christmas to the extent that it feels very odd to eat it at any other time.

So even if I am in Japan it’s not christmas until I’ve eaten ris a la mande. So here’s a recipe for it (adapted from this one):

Ris a la mande

Serves about 4-6 people

2 dl of water

120 grams of pudding rice (they’re short, stubby and are quite similar to risottorice and Japanese rice, I actually use this rice to cook risotto as well but the other day I used Japanese rice to make risotto and it turned out fine. So I think you could probably use either of those types of rice as well.)

7 dl of milk

1/2 teaspoon of salt

66,7 grams of blanched almond (chopped)

3 dl of whip cream

3-4 tablespoons of sugar

4 drops of vanilla essence

  1. Pour water, milk and rice into a pot and season with one teaspoon of salt and cook over low to medium heat for 30-45 minutes with the lid on. During this time you should stir it once in a while to prevent it burning to the bottom of the pot. Also keep an eye on it because if it boils over it will leave a milky, stinky mess on your stove.
  2. Once the rice are cooked soft remove from heat and leave to cool. It’s okay for the rice to be a bit runny, once it cools it will have a creamier texture than when all the liquids have evaporated.
  3. When the rice is completely cool, whip the cream and add sugar and vanilla essence to the cream. (Real vanilla is of course better)
  4. Fold the rice into the whip cream and put it in the fridge until ready to serve.

This dessert is eaten with cherry sauce in Denmark but since I couldn’t find that in Japan I used a strawberry jam which I had warmed with a bit of water (for the sauce effect) instead.


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