Eggs in a basket

Eggs in a basketI wonder who thought of this dish, because in many ways it is completely unnecessary. By cutting a hole in the bread, you will have less bread than normally, by cooking the bread and egg at the same time you increase the likelyhood of burning the bread and in the end it’s just a fried egg and toast.

However it does make for an attractive picture. Also I am slowly learning how to do a little bit of food styling as evidenced in the useless greenery in this picture. Didn’t bring much taste to the dish, simply because there wasn’t that much of it, but I think it breaks up the picture nicely. This picture also marks the third appearance of the blue plate. It’s basically the only plate of that size that I have, so cakes, sandwiches and small salads go onto that.

Here’s my method for cooking eggs in a basket in a way that doesn’t burn the bread.

Eggs in a basket

One egg

A piece of toast

butter for frying

salt and pepper

  1. Cut a hole in the bread (I used a cup and knife)
  2. Oil the pan and fry the bread on one side (medium heat)
  3. Flip the bread and crack the egg into the hole or alternatively crack it into a glass and then pour into the hole. Allows for more control over where the yolk is going and then cook on low heat.

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