Broccoli, leek and potato pie

Broccoli leek pieAnother thing I miss from not having an oven (apart from the inability to bake cake) is the inability to make savoury pies such as this broccoli-leek-potato pie. While pies might seem like hard work you can cheat by basically buying the pastry already finished. All you then have to do is arrange what needs to go in and pour in the filling.

On another photography related note, this picture was one that I took just 4-5 months ago. Already I feel my photography has improved loads since then, basically moving to Japan has meant access to cheap plates and cutlery which in turn has inspired me to take more photos. So the hobby of food photography has taken a turn towards being slightly more serious in a very short amount of time.

Anyway, photography aside here’s my basic recipe for filling:

Broccoli, leek and potato pie

3 eggs

2 dl of milk (or thereabouts)

salt and pepper

  1. Beat the eggs together.
  2. Whisk in the milk a little at a time and judge by the consistency of the mixture. It should not be too runny (as in have the same consistency as the milk by itself) but at the same time, it should cover the entire pie. (Okay, I realize this is not good instruction)
  3. Add salt and pepper. You could probably add other types of spices as well if you like, but salt and pepper always work.

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